Thursday 29 October 2015

Cannons vs. Buildings

The topic of penetration of armour with cannons comes up often, but their effects on buildings less so. Let us take a look at these effects in Breslau, 1945.
Photo #4. Portholes in a basement window. Above them, a breach made with a 76 mm divisional cannon AP shell.

Photo #5. Breach from a 76 mm regimental cannon shell. The shell was aimed at a sniper positioned above the door.
Photo #6. This building had machineguns in the windows. Damage was done with 122 mm cannons.

Photo #8: A path for infantry made by 76 mm divisional cannons in a park wall.

Photo #14. This corner house contained an enemy machinegun. The damage was done by a 122 mm howitzer firing with open sights.

Photo #17. Eisendorf Strasse, house #189. Destroyed by a direct hit from a 203 mm shell. A 70 cm thick wall and the floor of the first storey were penetrated. Significant damage was caused in the basement. 

Photo #18. Eisendorf street, house #26. A direct hit from a 152 mm shell penetrated the wall. There is significant damage to the inside of the house.

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