Friday 9 October 2015

Seasonal Brew

"January 18th, 1944
To the commander of the 25th Infantry Corps, Major-General Barinov

I report that the division received 800 bottles of #1 incendiary fluid. 

This fluid is the summer type, and as trials performed by the chief of the chemical department and a commission led by the chief of the chemical department of the 25th Corps showed, does not ignite in these temperatures. 

Summer incendiary fluid is an unreliable measure against enemy tanks in current temperatures.

I ask for your cooperation in obtaining winter incendiary fluid bottles, as well as sending the summer incendiary bottles to the warehouse as excess baggage.

Commander of the 273rd Bezhetsk Infantry Division, Colonel Lototskiy"

Via altyn73.

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  1. Thank you to the poster. This is the kind of stuff, as an amateur WW2 historian, that I love to read. Seasonal molotovs? What about Vodka?