Monday 26 October 2015

Early War KV

"Award Order
  • Name: Fomin, Nikolai Nikitovich
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Position, unit: deputy commander of a heavy tank company, 1st Guards Tank Battalion, 5th Guards Tank Brigade
is nominated for the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.
  1. Year of birth: 1920
  2. Nationality: Russian
  3. In the Red Army since: 1939
  4. Party affiliation: VKP(b) candidate
  5. Participation in battle (where, when): participant in battle against German fascism
  6. Wounds or concussions: killed
  7. Prior awards (what reason): Order of the Red Banner for courage and bravery in battle against fascism
Brief and specific description of heroism or achievements: In the brigade since the first days of the Patriotic War, participating personally in numerous battles with German invaders, Lieutenant Fomin Nikolai Nikitovich showed himself a heroic knight, combining the qualities of unchecked bravery and excellent knowledge and skill in using a tank in combat.

On November 20th, 1941, given the order to penetrate the enemy line of defense near Agrafemovka (Rostov oblast), comrade Fomin's vehicle rushed in front of all others, bursting through the enemy lines at high speed, destroying 4 AT guns, 2 field guns, 6 cars, and over 20 soldiers, ensuring that Agafenovka was taken and Kleist's group in that sector of the front was beaten.

Fomin's tank, alone behind enemy lines, was knocked out. Fomin did not waver. Camouflaging the tank, he repaired it with his crew and returned to his unit in two days. On the next day, Fomin once more took his tank into battle.

February 7th, 1942: The enemy counterattacked near Upper Bishkin (Kharkov Oblast). Under the pressure of superior enemy numbers, the front lines of our infantry wavered. A direct hit to the gun mantlet of comrade Fomin's tank disabled the gun. He did not retreat, but rushed forward, crushing an enemy AT gun and mowing down enemy infantry with his machinegun. Seeing that the neighouring tank's commander was injured, comrade Fomin replaced his comrade and drove it towards the enemy fortifications around the windmill. Our wavering infantry was encouraged and moved forward. Having reached the windmill, Fomin destroyed one stronghold after another. As a result, the German counterattack failed and Upper Bishkin was ours.

In battles for Likhachevo station on February 13th, 1942, Fomin's tank was in front as always. Fomin reached the station three times, but his supporting infantry was unwilling to advance. Fomin lost his patience, left his tank, and led the infantry himself. While doing this, he killed a German officer, took his submachinegun, and fired on the enemy. In this battle, comrade Fomin was mortally wounded.

During combat, comrade Fomin's tank destroyed:
  1. 7 enemy tanks
  2. 9 guns of various types
  3. 12 machineguns
  4. 4 mortars
  5. 4 carts with ammunition
  6. 6 cars
  7. About 500 soldiers and officers
Comrade Fomin was one of the first to earn the title of Guards for his brigade.

I propose that Lieutenant comrade Fomin Nikolai Nikitovich be awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union."

CAMD RF 33-793756-50

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  1. Love this article!
    I can imagine it now. In WoT, either a Fomin medal or a premium KV tank used by Fomin.