Wednesday 11 May 2016

French Mega Tank

"To the Deputy People's Commissar of Defense, Lieutenant-General of the Tank Forces, comrade Fedorenko

I report that, according to interrogation of many prisoners from POW camp #74, new French heavy tanks arrived at the southern front with the following characteristics:
  • Mass: 72-74 tons
  • Armour: multiple layers, specially hardened using Krupp's method (thickness unknown)
  • Armament: one 155 mm howitzer, one 75 mm gun, three machineguns (one AA), flamethrower with a range of 300 meters.
    Some prisoners say that an 88 mm gun is installed on the tank. In addition, a high power anti-tank rifle is allegedly also installed.
  • Engine: two Renault gasoline engines (others say one Maybach)
  • Crew: 5 (commander, driver, radio operator, gunner, machinegunner)
  • Other information: the prisoners say that the suspension is protected with armour and that the hatches are air-tight, allowing the tank to drive into the water up to the turret."


  1. Now I have the weird idea of making that tank (in sketchup, small hobby of mine) just to see if that kind of thing even is viable (2 guns, one with 2 piece ammo, and no dedicated loaders?)

  2. Replies
    1. There is still a lot of mixed up info then. Even the 2C bis only had the 155mm gun and no 75mm gun, no flamethrower, armor type, and the most blatant mistake: It doesnt have a suspension.

      It was probably just deliberate misinformation.

    2. My bet would be garbled hearsay of the F1 (and/or possibly elements of the B1 successors) mixed up with vague rumours of the various German superheavy projects. God only knows where the part about arriving at the southern front comes from - confused accounts of the Ferdinand maybe?
      ʅ ( • ε • ) ʃ

  3. Ten 2C French tanks were built ; seven of them were in fighting units during the German invasion in May and June 1940. The data are rather accurate according to the French website Chars franç

    It looks like a joke anyway.

    1. It is a joke.

      There's some liars.

      There's some damned liars.

      And there's Mr Samsonov and is website.

    2. the allies were the greatest liars in history...nothing known about ww2 germany is truthful