Monday 2 May 2016

LB-62 Armoured Car

As the ageing T-37 and T-38 tanks were replaced with the more advanced T-40 that had a bigger machinegun, so why not do the same with armoured cars? That was the idea with the LB-62, a new armoured car on the GAZ-62 chassis with a T-40 turret.

"Conclusions regarding proving grounds trials of the LB-62 armoured car
  1. The LB-62 armoured car satisfies technical-tactical requirements, aside from its weight of 5250 kg as opposed to 4200 kg.
  2. This armoured car has much more powerful armament and carries more ammunition than the light BA-20 armoured car, is greatly superior to it in off-road performance, and has somewhat more armour than the medium BA-10 armoured car.
  3. The LB-62 armoured car's firepower, armour, and off-road performance matches modern standards and it must be accepted into the Red Army.
  4. Molotov factory must continue to test the presented prototypes in order to figure out all defects in the vehicle and obtain a warranty period of 10,000 km.
  5. The commission considers it necessary to begin production of the LB-62 immediately and build a pilot batch of armoured cars for military trials in the spring-summer period (May-June 1941).
  6. The pilot batch must have all defects mentioned in the report resolved.
    The couplings and starters must be domestically produced.
    The wheels must have bulletproof tires and "Ground Grip" type protectors.
    The weight of the vehicle must not be more than 5250 kg.
    The steering wheel must be properly attached (like on vehicle #714).
  7. The necessary number of wheels will be decided during military trials."

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