Wednesday 4 May 2016

Train Rammer

"Award Order
  1. Name: Komarov, Dmitriy Evlampievich
  2. Rank: Guards Lieutenant
  3. Position, unit: T-34 tank commander, 2nd Tank Battalion, 15th Guards Rechitsa Order of the Red Banner Tank Brigade
    is nominated for the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.
  4. Year of birth: 1922
  5. Nationality: Russian
  6. Party affiliation: none
  7. Participation in the civil war and subsequent actions in defense of the USSR, Patriotic War: Bryansk Front since July of 1943, Belorussian then 1st Belorussian Fronts since November 1943.
  8. Wounds or concussions in the Patriotic War: wounded on January 14t, 1944 near Kalinovichi, wounded on June 25th, 1944, at Cherniye Brody station, 1st Belorussian Front.
  9. In the Red Army since: 1941
  10. Recruited by: Shahumskiy recruitment office, Gorkiy oblast
  11. Prior awards: Order of the Red Star
Brief and specific description of heroism or achievements: T-34 tank commander, Guards Lieutenant Komarov demonstrated exceptional courage and heroism in single combat with an enemy armoured train in the region of the Cherniye Brody station on June 25th, 1944.

Guards Lieutenant Komarov's tank exhausted its ammunition loadout during its mission to take and hold the Cherniye Brody railway station, destroying up to a platoon of infantry and four machinegun nests. Moving forward along the station, comrade Komarov discovered a departing enemy armoured train. At that moment, Komarov's tank was hit and caught fire, and Komarov himself was wounded. Guardsman Komarov made a bold decision: to ram the train in order to delay it. In his burning tank, he slammed into an armoured train car. As a result, three cars were disabled (one lost an axle, two were overturned). The enemy ran in panic and abandoned the station.

For his exceptional courage, heroism, and self-sacrifice in the name of the Motherland during the fight with German invaders, Guards Lieutenant Komarov is worthy of the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

Commander of the 2nd Tank Battalion, Guards Captain Trushenko"


  1. tank driver was Mikhail Artemievich Bukhtuyev, russian from Tuva, 18 years old. Hero of the Soviet Union, posthumously.Бухтуев,_Михаил_Артемьевич

    page 393/518


    page 424/519

  2. He had balls of Stalinium.

  3. "Drive us closer, I want to hit them with my TANK!"