Thursday 12 May 2016

Late War Rarities

The topic of hilariously obsolete tanks popping up late in the war is one that never dries out, it seems.

"Report regarding sending tanks, SPGs, or armoured cars from repair factory #105.

I report that on February 26th, 1944, the following were sent to P/p 12908
  • T-26 tanks: ## 357046, 338971, 9772, 207565
  • T-38 tanks: ## 202471, 202339
  • BT-7 (with 76 mm howitzer): #991-32"
Note that the BT-7 with a howitzer is not called "BT-7A", like it is in many sources. In documentation it is often also called "BT-7 Artillery", but never BT-7A.

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