Wednesday 17 August 2016

T-50 Problems

"To the People's Commissar of Medium Machinebuilding, comrade Malyshev

I report that the proving grounds trials of the T-50 produced at factory #174 cannot be completed in the timeframe allotted by your order #009ss issued on January 7th, 1941, due to a series of design defects discovered in the trials process.

The main defects are:
  1. Unsatisfactory lifespan of track links (cracks in the track eyes and breaking of the track teeth). Track links start to break at 300-400 km.
  2. Weak design of the drive wheel (destruction of the hub, high wear and cracks on the crown after 250-300 km).
  3. Destruction of the bevel gear and pinion and bending of the 3-4 gear fork on the gearbox after 1500 km.
  4. The hull floor is insufficiently robust (it vibrates and there is a sagging of 11 mm) and the turret platform roof bends.
  5. The installation of armament and observation devices was not performed in accordance to notes made by the Model Commission (no new turret was designed).
  6. Insufficient thickening of the observation device prisms (poor visibility, easily covered in snow.
  7. Installation of electrical equipment is poorly laid out, which creates radio interference and does not protect the wiring from mechanical damage.
  8. Radio communication at maximum range and the intercom were not tested.
  9. It is difficult to shift from 2nd to 3rd gear.
  10. The oil temperature in the gearbox is high (100-115 degrees at an exterior temperature of -15 to -19 degrees).
During trials, the Commission presented a list of defects to the factory that should be corrected before trials are completed. Measures have been taken by the factory, but the resolution is dragging on.

Because of this, I ask you to:
  1. Order the factory to correct all known design defects by February 10th of this year and provide a new turret for penetration trials from February 10th to [cut off]
  2. Increase the length of warranty trials to 2500 km for more thorough testing of assemblies, the transmission, and suspension after changes made to their design.
  3. Extend the Commission's deadline to February 15th to compete the trials and test the communications equipment.
Deputy Chief of the GABTU, Major-General of the Technical Forces, Lebedev."

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