Tuesday 9 August 2016

Tanks at Lake Hasan: Technical Improvements

"Independent complaints and suggestions by commanders and soldiers after the battle.
  1. On improving tank designs
    1. Have identical looking tanks, either antennas on all of them or none of them, otherwise the enemy aims to knock out commanders' tanks first.
    2. Redesign the T-26 suspension, as the tracks slip off often. Increase the size of the track teeth, increase the diameter of the road wheels, affix the rubber tires. Reduce the tank's ground pressure by widening the tracks. Convert the ventilator to move the air parallel to the tank, with ventilation in the turret to avoid concentration of gases and reduce heat. Add observation slits with triplex glass in the rear of the turret and in the turret roof.
    3. Set the front of the tank hull at an angle, improve the effective armour, improve its quality. Make the turret aerodynamic. Make the floor of the tank thicker.
    4. Make reverse grilles for the oil radiator so it cannot be destroyed by a bayonet or a pickax.
    5. Introduce a side hatch near the driver for crew evacuation.
    6. Add pistol ports next to the driver and a machinegun for the driver.
    7. Increase the gun depression angle, as it was not always possible to fire while hull down.
    8. The turret mounting is insufficient. There were cases where turrets fell off. Improve the turret mount.
    9. Angle the vertical armour.
    10. Strengthen and improve the hatch latches.
    11. The tank needs to have a set amount of hand grenades.
  2. On supply issues
    1. Have special armoured tractors with automatic towing hooks or a hatch near the tow hook, as well as 200-300 meters of cable, sturdy and light enough to evacuate a tank from the battlefield.
    2. Each tank should have 5 liters of drinking water.
    3. Each tank should have a special tank first aid kit.
    4. Tank battalions should have armoured ambulances, and the brigade medical company should have armoured halftracks. Introduce two medics and one medical instructor into every tank company. Have no less than three thermoses with up to 10 liters of water each in the battalion medical units.
    5. The tanker's shoes are unsuitable for their work conditions, replace them with boots.
  3. Other suggestions
    1. Have water tanks and chemical company compressors on tracks, introduce a shower into the chemical company.
    2. Traffic wardens should have light and fast halftracks like the M-1 pickup. Increase the amount of traffic wardens to 60, as the existing amount does not satisfy requirements, especially at night.
    3. SU-12 SPGs could not accompany the tank attack as they were on wheels. It is necessary to have artillery tanks on tracks. Each battalion should have 6-8 artillery tanks. Introduce an artillery squadron of self propelled howitzers.
    4. Tanks should be equipped with intercoms and camouflage nets.
    5. It is necessary to enlarge the commander's platoon in order to mechanize the following: the brigade commander, the brigade commissar, the chief of staff, the political chief, unit chiefs, and introduce HQ tanks. The old cadre of 5 tanks is not enough to command the brigade in battle.

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