Thursday 28 September 2017

Cromwell Production Intel

"Report on production of Cromwell tanks

Based on existing information, we can estimate the rate of production of Cromwell tanks.

Cromwell tanks have been built in three varieties since June of 1942: Cromwell, Centaur, and Cavalier. The Nuffield Organization factory group builds 500 tanks per month on average across 8 assembly plants. From the start of production, this group produced 3000 Cromwell tanks.

Another group, according to attached list #2, produces 700-800 tanks monthly at 14 assembly plants. This group built 5500-6400 tanks since the start of production.

In total, since production started, 22 assembly plants produced, approximately, between 8600 and 9400 tanks.

Centers where the tanks were designed and where production is managed from are located in Birmingham. The chief design bureau and production of Cromwell and Centaur tanks is located at the Metropolitan-Cammell Carriage and Wagon Co. Ltd. factories. The chief design bureau of the Cavalier tank is located at the Nuffield Mechanization factory.

Attachment: list #2

K. Olkhovskiy
April 12th, 1943"

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