Tuesday 19 September 2017

KV-3 Mulligan

"Proposal regarding the decree issued to the Kirov and Izhor factories
  1. The Kirov and Izhor factories propose a new tank instead of the KV-3 approved by USSR SNK and CC or the VKP(b) decree #548-2332ss issued on March 15th, 1941, with increased armour according to USSR SNK and CC or the VKP(b) decree #827-345ss issued on April 7th, 1941.
  2. This tank will effectively be a KV-4 tank in armament, dimensions, transmission and suspension design, engine power, and overall layout, but with thinner armour.
  3. Decree #827-345ss issued on April 7th, 1941 ordered production of KV-3 tanks in 1941 that only differed in armament and armour thickness from the KV-1 and KV-2, so that factories could produce tanks they were used to, with the aim of producing KV-4 and KV-5 tanks in 1942.
  4. I consider it reasonable to leave the KV-3 with 120 mm of armour in the front and 90 mm in the side, armed with the 76 mm ZIS-5 gun, built using KV-1 components, according to attached tactical-technical characteristics.
Chief of the Main Auto and Armour Directorate of the Red Army, Lieutenant-General of the Tank Forces, Fedorenko

Tactical-technical characteristics for an experimental heavily armoured KV-3 tank
  1. Purpose:
    1. Combat with enemy heavy tanks.
    2. Destruction of concrete fortifications and heavy engineering structures.
    3. Destruction of enemy artillery and personnel.
  2. Combat mass: 54-55 tons
  3. Armour:
    1. Front plate: 120 mm
    2. Side plates: 90 mm
    3. Turret sides: 120 mm
    4. Roof and floor: 30 mm
    5. Other armour plates: equivalent to the sides of the hull
  4. Armament:
    1. One 76 mm ZIS-5 gun
      1. Horizontal range: 360 degrees
      2. Gun elevation: +25 degrees
      3. Gun depression: -2-3 degrees
    2. DT machineguns: 3
      Of them:
      1. One coaxial
      2. One in the turret bustle
      3. One in the front of the hull
    3. One PPSh submachinegun
    4. One flamethrower
  5. Ammunition:
    1. 76 mm gun rounds: 70-80
    2. DT rounds: 3000
    3. PPSh rounds: 450-500
    4. Hand grenades: 25-30
  6. Mobility:
    1. Top highway speed: 35 kph
    2. Top off-road speed: 20 kph
    3. Maximum grade: 37-40 degrees
    4. Climbable obstacle height: no less than 1.2 meters
    5. Clearance: no less than 450 mm
    6. Ground pressure without sinking: 0.85-0.9 kg/cm²
  7. Engine:
    1. Type: diesel, 700 hp
    2. Fuel and oil capacity must last for 10 hours of driving
    3. The cooling, lubrication, and fuel systems must allow for 10 hours of continuous driving with any engine use within the outdoor temperature range of -40 to +40 degrees.
  8. Transmission and suspension:
    1. KV type transmission and suspension
    2. The tank's brakes must hold it when stopped or when on a grade up to 45 degrees.
  9. Controlling the tank:
    1. Crew: 5: commander, gunner, loader, mechanic in the turret (also assistant loader), driver, radio operator in the front of the hull."

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