Wednesday 20 September 2017

German Heavy Tank Intel

"To the chief of the operations department
Information #19

Description of new tanks used by the German army

According to information obtained by 10th Army HQ Reconnaissance Department, German tank units are being armed with new types of tanks:
  1. T-6 tank. Mass: up to 65 tons. Speed: 35 kph. Armament: one 88 mm cannon, one 20 mm AA gun in the rear. Four MG-42 machineguns. The tank is armoured with concrete in front and on the sides. The tank had a smokescreen device.
  2. Panther tank: a heavy tank. Mass: 62 tons, 8 meters long and 2.4 meters wide. Crew: 7. Uses an 8 cylinder diesel engine. Armed with an 88 mm cannon and two MG-42 machineguns (one coaxial and one in the rear of the turret). A flamethrower is installed on the right side of the tank. The armour is composed of three armoured plates, between which there is two layers of reinforced concrete.
  3. In addition, POWs claim that new super-powerful tanks named "Nanda" and "Sou" are being built in Germany, which are faster and have improved armour and armament compared to the Tiger.
It is necessary to clarify the presence of the aforementioned tanks in the German army, their design, tactical-technical characteristics, construction of the flamethrower, smokescreen device, and reinforced concrete armour, find out the location of factories that make heavy tanks, and their output, via POW interrogations, inspection of captured documents, and other data. Direct all incoming materials to the Reconnaissance Department.

Chief of the 3rd Section of the 10th Army HQ Reconnaissance Department, Major Vychkov.
June 13th, 1943"


  1. I always knew it! Germans were the first to invent composite armor!!! *laughs in german*

    1. Nibba, everyone was putting it on warships already in the 1800s! o3o