Saturday 9 September 2017

T-37 and T-38 with ShVAK

"To OKB-15 director, comrade Shpitalniy

Kaganovich factory (Khabarovsk) plans to arm 400 T-37 and T-38 tanks with a ShVAK gun and a coaxial DT machinegun.

I ask you to take this project under your supervision and urgently send your representatives to the Kaganovich factory.

Consider that, due to the small amount of space in these vehicles, it might be necessary to replace the autocannon's belt feed with a magazine one.

GBTU TU Chief, Engineer-Colonel, Afonin
GBTU TU 4th Department Chief, Engineer-Lieutenant-Colonel, Nenarokov"

"To the Chief of the Intelligence Department of the Armoured and Mechanized Forces of the Far Eastern Front

To prepare the ShVAK gun on the T-38 tank for combat, I ask you to issue instructions or directions regarding the maintenance of the ShVAK cannon and DT machinegun. The brigade does not have one, and the weapons are not ready for battle.

Chief of Staff of the 77th Tank Brigade, Captain Trazhevnikov
Deputy Chief of Reconnaissance of the 77th Tank Brigade, Captain Zhdanov"

"To the Chief of the GBTU, Lieutenant-General of the Tank Forces, comrade Vershinin

To complete the NIBT proving grounds museum, I ask you to ask the Commander of the Armoured and Mechanized Forces of the Far Eastern Front to send the proving grounds one running sample of each of the following tanks:
  • T-26 with a conical turret and conical turret platform
  • BT-7 with a conical turret and small link tracks
  • BT-7 with applique armour
  • BT-7a with 76 mm gun
  • T-38 with ShVAK autocannon
  • Regular T-27
  • Regular T-37
  • Regular T-38
  • An APC on the T-26 chassis
Chief of the NIBT proving grounds, Major General of the Tank Forces, Romanov"

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