Thursday 18 January 2018

Small Arms Precision

In 1948, it was clear that the PPSh has served its time, and a new, more powerful automatic infantry weapon was necessary, using an intermediate 7.62x39 mm mod. 1943 cartridge. Several weapons were designed to Tactical-Technical Specification #3131 and tested along with their submachinegun ancestor and the German Sturmgewehr for comparison.

The columns represent the radii of dispersion for bursts while prone and single fire while prone. R100 gives the full radius, and Ч50 gives the mean radius. The rifles are as follows:
  • AS-44 type 7 (with 3 vent openings)
  • AS-44 (no changes)
  • Kalashnikov assault rifle
  • Dementyev assault rifle
  • Bulkin assault rifle
  • Korobov assault rifle
  • Submachinegun model 1941 (PPSh)
  • MP-44 (Sturmgewehr)
And the last row is the precision requirement. The summary reads:
"The AS-44 with vent openings (type 7) surpasses all other assault rifles: in Ч50 by 2-4 times, and in R100 by 2.3-7 times. The precision when firing in full auto mode matches requirements."

It is also interesting to note that the famous Kalashnikov made the list. Despite being less precise than the modified AS-44 and failing requirement #3131, the weapon surpasses the Sturmgewehr in all criteria except single fire mode while prone, where the latter has a slight advantage.

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