Tuesday 9 April 2019

Limiting Reactant

"February 11th, 1941

To the Chairman of the Committee of Defense of the USSR SNK, Marshal of the Soviet Union, comrade K.E. Voroshilov

Factory #183 under-supplied the GABTU with 1086 friction clutches for the M-5 and M-17 engines in the following amounts: 327 in 1938, 267 in 1939, 492 in 1940.

Due to these missing supplies and 1000 M-17 aircraft engines transferred to the GABTU from the GUVVS, GABTU warehouses and repair bases now hold 2500 engines (2000 M-17 and 500 M-5) which cannot be used to repair BT tanks or replenish spares stocks without friction clutches.

The only factory producing friction clutches is factory #183, which aims to produce 200 M-5 clutches and 270 M-17 clutches, which satisfies the GABTU's requirements by 20%.

I ask you to instruct the People's Commissariat of Medium Manufacturing to include production of 2500 friction clutches into factory #183's production program for 1941 to fully satisfy the GABTU's requirements.

Marshal of the Soviet Union, G. Kulik."

CAMD RF 38-11355-225 p.41
Via Dmitry Shein

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