Thursday 11 April 2019

Master of Disguise

"Translated from German

11th Infantry Division
Counterintelligence dept. #9/44
Top Secret!
Division HQ, January 3rd, 1944

RE: combat against enemy agents and partisans

As mentioned in telephone dispatches ##2539 and 2540 on December 12th, 1943, an unknown person wearing the uniform of a German officer successfully attempted to discover information on our positions and the units occupying them within the sector of the fusilier battalion. Some personnel freely reported information without asking for any documents, despite orders. The enemy agent was not apprehended.

In the sector of the neighbouring division to the right, on December 31st, at the road to Oktyabrsk in front of the battalion HQ, a patrol encountered two men, one in the uniform of a Senior Lieutenant, the other an NCO, both bearing military police insignia. In good German, they ordered the patrol to immediately head to the battalion HQ and report that the enemy is allegedly about to attack. The patrol carried out those orders. Only later did the suspicion that we were dealing with enemy agents arise. A search near the front and surrounding areas revealed nothing. It must be considered likely that both of them crossed the front lines in the direction of the enemy.

A suspicious figure was also seen on January 3rd, 1944, near the fusilier battalion. Description: 1.6-1.7 meters in height, officer's cap, black moustache, a short officer's coat with a Lieutenant's shoulder insignia, black britches, boots. In this case the agent was able to survey our positions, and no one checked his documents, let alone arrested him.

These cases urge me to point out the orders given to combat enemy agents and partisans, specifically order #463/43(secret) of the counterintelligence department of the 11th Infantry Division."

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