Wednesday 24 July 2019

Rabbit Season

"Order #0429
3rd Guards Tank Army
October 30th, 1944

RE: prohibition of hunting with automatic weapons

Individual units and formations in the army had instances where officers and enlisted men hunted game (moose, goats, rabbits) with automatic weapons, which could result in casualties among military personnel or civilians.

I order that:

Unit and formation commanders are personally responsible for ending hunts with combat weapons and punishing violators in the strictest manner.

Authorized representative of the Commander of the 3rd Guards Tank Army, Guards Colonel-General Rybalko

Authorized representative of Member of the Military Council of the 3rd Guards Tank Army, Guards Lieutenant-General Melnikov

Authorized representative of the Chief of Staff of the 3rd Guards Tank Army, Guards Major-General Lavrentyev"


  1. If a man is hungry, he will ignore any directive. But to be honest, machine guns tend to destroy your food.

  2. Still happening today ;)

  3. I heard of similar stuff by us soldiers. Fishing with hand grenades, lighting fire with gasoline,...
    And i have seen pictures of german soldiers about to execute cows and pigs with pistols.
    I remember playing with thunderflashes in the army to see how high certain stuff would fly etc..
    I gues it happens everywhere and anytime?