Wednesday 31 July 2019


"2nd Ukrainian Front 
March 29th, 1945

I attach the results of interrogation of Unteroffizier Zaibert Friedrich from the 8th company, 979th Infantry Regiment, 271st Infantry Division.

The prisoner served in the 601th Signals Regiment for a long time, which serviced the needs of the land army command. The prisoner stated that:

"Until mid-November of 1944, Hitler's HQ was located in East Prussia in a fortified camp with the codename "Wolfschanze" (wolf's lair), 2-3 km from Rastenburg. Himmler's HQ was 11 km from Angeburg, in Grossgarten. The OKH HQ was in Tiergarten. Ribbentrop's HQ was located in the "Jegerhee" hotel in Angeburg. Hitler's HQ and other HQs were moved from East Prussia to Zossenshobn in the fall of 1944. All construction battalions, technical units, and a number of signals units that serviced Hitler's HQ and other HQs were sent to Bad Reichenhall in Bavaria. I know that they began to construct a fortified camp, big communications hub, and airport.
Hitler's HQ is usually placed outside of settlements and consists of a fortified camp, protected by field and long-term fortifications, minefields, and anti-tank trenches. The HQ has its own airstrip and railroad station. The camp itself consists of three ring shaped zones guarded by SS troops. The innermost ring, containing Hitler and his office, is guarded by the so called "Grenadierfuhrer company". The outer ring contains service units and secondary organizations. The middle ring contains the HQ's main organizations. This is where Hitler's closest subordinates live. Special passes are needed to enter the camp, and then into each ring. Only personnel called up by Hitler personally may enter the main ring. Everyone is searched regardless of rank, even field marshals and ministers. They are warned that the only possible answer to any of his questions is "Yes, my Fuhrer". In any other case, he is liable to become enraged and beat or even kill his conversation partner.

Signals men servicing the HQ say that, according to Hitler's personal guards, he rolls around on the floor and gnaws on carpets in fits of rage. Because of this, he is called "Teppichfresser" (carpet eater) by the guards. Once, a group of medicine professors, rewarded for scientific achievements, were invited to dine with him at Berchtesgaden. Hitler claimed that cancer can be cured during the dinner. One of the professors decided to argue with him. Hitler pulled the tablecloth and everything on it off the table and chased everyone out. Generals who come to visit him stand at attention for hours and do not dare to contradict him or state their opinion. Hitler's confidants consider him abnormal, but consider this the price of genius. In his personal life, Hitler is humble and demands little. He spends a lot of time deep in daydreams."


  1. The last paragraph (and the final part of the one before) sounds like nonsense to me. Is there any real evidence of Hitler beating or killing someone by his own hand?

    1. If you read previous entries where P.O.Ws are interogatted then you will understand .I.E most likely this is just city myth circulating inside army.As P.O.W himself said he heard it from other dudes.

    2. While not as extreme as the rumours reiterated here say his behaviour was getting increasingly erratic and unhinged towards the end according to firsthand witness testimonies, so it's not hard to see how the stories got started. And by this date at least the more cynical and disillusioned members of the rank and file were probably ready to believe and pass on just about *anything* of Der Führer...

    3. Kellomies I don't doubt for a second that Hitler was crazy and sick. It's Hitler's physical ability to accomplish said acts I question. Though I suppose his guards might just force some dude to stand their while Hitler bludgeon someone with a object. The dude would be fearful of protecting himself knowing his family would be punished. WE will never know for sure.

    4. I'm pretty sure the various people around him who later gave accounts of those times would of mentioned that sort of thing had it happened. But it's not like he was an invalid or somesuch; while his physical condition wasn't exactly improving towards the end, what with the nerves and stress and declining mental health and dodgy medication regime, he was still only fiftysomething and not particularly infirm. People can do rather more than claimed of him here with rather less than he had to work with insofar strictly personal physical abilities go.