Monday 11 November 2019

7.5 cm KwK 42 Penetration Table

I've posted a number of these diagrams before, for instance here is one for the Pak 40. The set of images for the more powerful KwK 42 is unfortunately incomplete and only available in low resolution, but I am including it for completeness sake.

The Valentine is not surprising at all. The armour piercing ammunition can penetrate any surface from up to 2000 meters. HE can knock off the tracks.

The Churchill presents a tougher target. The turret face can still be penetrated at 2000 meters, but the driver's plate is harder: 1200 meters with AP and 1800 with APCR. The sides and rear can be penetrated from 2000 meters as well.

The Lee poses an interesting target. Most surfaces can be penetrated from 2000 meters, except the turret face (1800 meters with AP) and highly sloped middle portion of the hull, which APCR will only take from 1200 meters.

Finally, the Sherman. The gun mantlet is judged immune, with the cheeks vulnerable against AP at 1200 meters and APCR at 600 meters. The sloped front can be penetrated with AP from 1000 meters. The transmission cover can be penetrated at 2000 meters. The sides and rear are similarly vulnerable.


  1. When do you think you can get the HD images?

  2. Do the circles on the sides of the turret indicate "can be penetrated anywhere, or are they showing actual areas?