Wednesday 27 November 2019

Situational Awareness

"Instructions for tank watchers
  1. Tank watchers are selected from each battery to warn about the approach of tanks. They are placed in important directions no closer than 800-1000 meters to their positions.
    The tank watchers are subordinate to the battery commander and battery duty officer. 
  2. The tank watcher is a sentry and must not leave his post until relieved or permission is obtained.
  3. The tank watcher is responsible for warning the battery that tanks have appeared in his sector in a timely manner. He observes from a special observation post. His replacement should be housed in a dugout 10-15 meters away from the post.
  4. If tanks appear, the watcher fires two flares in the direction that they are coming from.
  5. At night, after firing the flares the watcher lights fires or other illumination that have been prepared in advance.
    In the daytime, after warning the battery that tanks are approaching the watcher returns to the battery observation post immediately.
  6. If the watcher does not give timely warning, he will be arrested and prosecuted by a military tribunal.
Chief of Staff of the 22nd Independent Anti-Tank Artillery Brigade, Lieutenant-Colonel Shubovich
December 9th, 1944"

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