Wednesday 1 January 2020


Artillery Staff of the 49th Guards Kherson Red Banner Order of Suvorov Rifle Division
January 19th, 1945

To commanders of formations and units

The 1st Mechanized Corps that is operating in the 46th Army's sector is armed with American M4A2 type tanks.

In order to avoid destroying them with our own artillery, the commander of artillery orders that:
  1. All artillery personnel are instructed to study the silhouettes of the tanks of this type based on the attached prints.
  2. The observation post of each battery must have an observer that is excellent at identifying the silhouette of M4-A2 tanks. Equip him with the prints.
  3. After studying the silhouette, pay attention to the special features when viewing it from the side: three pairs of road wheels, when observing from the front: the middle part has the shape of an isosceles trapeze, also pay attention to the shape of the turret.
Attachment: blanks with prints of the M4A2 tank silhouette.

Chief of Staff of Artillery of the 49th Gds. Rifle Division, Guards Major Zhila"

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