Wednesday 8 January 2020


"Central Committee of the VKP(b) to comrade G.M. Malenkov

The straight PPSh magazine designed by comrade O.S. Petrenko was vetted by the GAU and approved for production in July of 1943 (after a ten month period when 20 magazines were produced at the Instrumental Local Production Factory by the Moscow City Council and tested at proving grounds).

However, placing an order for a batch of magazines (2000-2500 units) for military trials was met with significant difficulties, and after fruitless negotiations with the Red October factory and factory #509 (GAU letter addressed to comrade S.A. Akopov sent on July 7th, 1943) the production of these magazines was given to ZIS in August of 1943 by order of the Deputy People's Commissar of Medium Machinebuilding comrade Kuchumov.

Presently, not a single magazine has been produced at ZIS, although preparation of tools (10 units) continues.

This is explained by the following:
  1. The factory does not wish to produce a "foreign" design. The factory has been developing its own straight magazine since December of 1943, and so far it has not borne any fruit.
  2. The factory is not interested in involvement with experimental work.
  3. Production is being readied by means of shaped rolling (harder to ramp up, but higher output) instead of stamping, which would make more sense for initial production. 
  4. Lack of NKSM control over execution of orders.
I ask your assistance in producing the batch of magazines as quickly as possible.

Commander of Artillery of the Red Army, Chief Marshal of Artillery, Voronov
Acting Chief of the GAU, Lieutenant General of Artillery, Volkotrubenko"


  1. I have a question- that's a document about curved 35 rds magazine or maybe about different magazine?

  2. Does anyone know if the PPS ever had a drum magazine?

    1. PPS-42/43 don't use drum magazines. PPSh-41 drum magazines can't be used in PPS-42/43, and even curved PPS magazines don't be interchangable with PPSh curved magazines. But KP/-44 can use drum magazine from KP/-31 Suomi.