Tuesday 7 January 2020

T-54 Delays

"To the Chief of the GBTU TU, Engineer-Colonel comrade Blagonravov

RE: preparing production of the T-54

Order of the NKTP #217ss given in May 1945 instructed factory #183 to send blueprints of the T-54 turret to factories ##75, 264, 112, 174, and the Ilyich Mariupol Factory within 15 days of issue.

The same order factory #183 was instructed to explore the issue of producing the T-54 and present the NKTP with necessary measures to achieve this no later than August 1st.

The status of preparation of T-54 production by August 7th, 1945, is as follows.

Factory #183 sent blueprints of the T-54 to its subcontractors without changes made after proving grounds trials. As a result, the blueprints can only be used by the subcontractors to give the general idea of a T-54 tank, but cannot be used as technical documentation based on which the design can be produced.

The department of the Chief Designer has not been working on T-54 blueprints. To introduce the necessary changes into the blueprints, it will take 2-2.5 months, i.e. the production will be ready by about October 15th, 1945. Production of the T-54 tank can begin at factory #183 6 months after blueprints are sent to production, i.e. assuming that the department of the Chief Designer will begin working immediately the T-54 will not enter production earlier than the second quarter of 1946.

It is clear that the due date for preparation of the T-54 for production at factory #183 has been missed.

Starting with the second half of June the department of the Chief Designer has been working on other work that is unsuitable for tank designers.

According to order #664 of the factory director issued on July 12th, 80% of the designers are busy outlining and drawing blueprints for parts and assemblies of the American 10 ton Mack truck.

Experimental work on improving the production T-34 tank is also not being performed for this reason.

It is necessary for the government to get involved to ensure that factory #183 performs work on preparing for production of modern tanks and improving the design of the T_34.

Regional Engineer of the GBTU TU, Engineer Lieutenant Colonel Rumyantsev
August 7th, 1945"

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