Wednesday 5 February 2014

85 mm ZiS-25

I've seen claims that Soviet 85 mm tank guns were a response to Tiger and Panther tanks encountered at Kursk. While it is true that Soviet tanks with 85 mm guns hit the battlefield afterwards, the development of 85 mm guns started significantly earlier.

"To deputy chief of the Red Army GAU, Lieutenant-General of artillery, comrade V.I. Hohlov
Copy: Chief of GABTU BTU, Engineer-colonel comrade Afonin
Copy: chair of the NKV technical council, comrade E.A. Satel

February 27th, 1943

On the issue of : development of an experimental 85 mm gun for the KV tank.

In 1942, under the initiative of factory #92, the design and production of an experimental 85 mm tank gun for the KV tank began. The TsAKB plan, approved by GAU KA, approves the continuation of the project, and the assembly of a prototype.

Factory #92 sent Artkom materials on this project. Artkom requested additional materials, which were sent in letter #822229 on January 7th, 1942. Letter #118 from January 24th, 1943 from the Technical Council requested that the ammunition rack for such a gun must hold 80 shells.

For further development of the project at TsAKB, I ask for your permission to:
  1. Send tactical-technical requirements to TsAKB.
  2. In order to inform TsAKB of all changes that were made to the turret and the fighting compartment lately, send the following:
    1. Blueprints of the KV turret and armour layout.
    2. Overall blueprints, parts, and assemblies, necessary to determine the size of the fighting compartment for various devices and equipment, as well as blueprints for the attachment of a 10-T periscopic sight and links to it.
  3. Issue an order to deliver to TsAKB a functional KV tank with the latest turret type, frame, armour layout, and fighting compartment, fully equipped with all devices and equipment.
  4. Issue a request for a ZiS-5 gun (without the barrel or breech).
Chief and Chief Engineer or the TsAKB, Lieutenant-General of the Technical Forces, Grabin
Chief of the 18th Department, Renne"
CAMD RF 38-11369-103

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  1. Good thing that claim was made to the 85 mm gun. In my case, I've heard claims that the IS-2 and the SU/ISU-152 were developped in response to the Tiger's so-called 'superior' performance in ihe field