Sunday 9 February 2014

Up-gunning the T-60

The T-60 tank was not particularly amazing when it was conceived, of which its designers were very much aware of.


On the basis of the aforementioned information, the commission concludes that:
  1. The 20 mm ShVAK gun with a coaxial 7.62 mm DT machine gun and an optical TMFP sight, mounted inside a T-40 turret successfully passed trials, and can be recommended for installation on the T-60 tank.
  2. At the same time, the commission remarks that the 20 mm ShVAK gun in the T-60 turret does not solve the problem of increasing its armour piercing capability, especially against modern tanks with 15-20 mm of armour. The commission considers it necessary to work on more effective types of armament for the T-60 tank."
One of the ways that the firepower of the tank could have been increased was with a VJa 14.5 mm autocannon, but the project came around far too late in the tank's life to save it. The existing T-60s had to be used for something, and one proposal was that they would be used as AA tanks.

"February 1943

The State Committee of Defense decrees that:
  1. GBTU KA is allowed to re-arm all T-60 tanks that undergo capital repairs at GBTU repair factories #2 and #8 with dual 12.7 mm AA DShKT machine guns, built by the Gorkiy Molotov Automotive Factory.
  2. GBTU KA is allowed to correct repair plans in accordance with the updated schedules that allow for re-armament.
  3. The People's Commissar of Tank Manufacturing (comrade Zaltsmann) and factory #177 director (comrade Volkov) must manufacture and supply factories #2 and #8 with turrets and gun mantlets made by the blueprints of the Gorkiy Automotive Factory in the following amounts:
    1. April: 50
    2. May: 50
    3. June: 100
  4. The People's Commissar of Armament (comrade Ustinov) and NKO (GAU KA) must manufacture and deliver 12.7 mm machine guns to GBTU repair factories #2 and #8:
    1. 12.7 mm DShKT (according to GAZ blueprints)
    2. Magazines for 12.7 mm DShKT machine guns (6 magazines per machine gun), 42 rounds in capacity.
    3. K-8T collimating sights.
    4. TMFP optical sights.
    5. Foot operated firing mechanisms for the guns.
      In amounts that satisfy manufacturing requirements of the Red Army GBTU.
  5. The People's Commissar of Medium Manufacturing (comrade Akopov) and the director of the Gorkiy Molotov Automotive Factory (comrade Livshitz) must:
    1. Manufacture and supply to GBTU repair factories #2 and #8
      1. Turning mechanisms
      2. Elevation mechanisms
      3. Collimating sight rod with carrier, assembled
      4. Gun trunnions
        In amounts that satisfy manufacturing requirements of the Red Army GBTU.
    2. Design blueprints for installation of a turret with a Gorkiy AA gun mount on the T-60 by March 30th, 1943, and provide them to GBTU KA and GAU KA for confirmation by April 5th, 1943."
T-60 with two DShK 12.7 mm machineguns (photo from Yuri Pasholok's collection)

Or, you can always go in a radically different direction... 


  1. As the G. I. Joe would happily tell you, *everything* is better with moar rockets.

  2. Too bad it doesn't talk about up arming it with the 45mm.

    1. There was a project to arm the T-60 with a 45 mm gun, but not in a rotating turret.

    2. There was, it was called the T-60-2.