Sunday 16 February 2014

Caliber Breakdown on the Eastern Front

More interesting data from Igumnov's thesis, percentage breakdown of damage to tanks vs the caliber responsible. From left to right: 20 mm, 37 mm, 47 mm and 50 mm L/42, 50 mm L/60, 75 mm, 88 mm, 105 mm, 128 mm, Panzerfausts, and Unknown. 

The rows are as follows: 
Before September 1942
Stalingrad Operation, fall-winter battles of 1942-1943
Central Front, Orel Operation, 1943
1st Belorussian Front, summer operation of 1944 (June-September)
1st Belorussian Front, winter operation of 1945 (January-March)
1st Ukrainian Front (January-May 1945)
4th Ukrainian Front (January-May 1945)
1st Belorussian Front, Oder-Berlin (1945)
2nd Guards Tank Army in the Berlin Operation


  1. Strange, that untill winter of 42-43 the 88 kill percentage is really low, nevertheless FLAK is already known for his AT role. Than at 01-03.1945 there are numbers like 71% for 88 mm at the same moment the majority of AT guns and KWK-s are 75 mm.... Really odd to me...

    1. Maybe this is because of Tigers and Ferdinands?