Saturday 15 February 2014

Inside the Maus

Out of the two prototypes the Soviets recovered, they were able to assemble one "full" tank (hull from the turretless prototype, turret from the turreted prototype) and put it on display at Kubinka. This enterprising gentleman managed his way inside, and took some photos to demonstrate exactly how much exists in the exhibit. Let's take a look.

Here is the Maus from the outside, in case someone didn't know what it looks like.

Driver's compartment. Vodka bottle can be used for scale :)

Spare road wheels inside the tank. The article author theorizes that these came from the other Maus, since this one has all of its wheels accounted for.

A lone road wheel in the engine compartment.

Oil tank bay. The tank itself is gone. 

Inside of the fighting compartment. This was supposed to fit a commander, a gunner, both loaders, most of the ammunition, battery charger, and a power supply for the turret turning mechanism. A snug fit, by any measure. 

Closer view of the turret ring and ammunition storage.

Floor to the rear. The pipes lead to the electric motors. 

Gun breech.

Another view of the gun and the turret ceiling. The hatches and observation devices have been removed.

Gun and turret front.

Grille on top of the engine compartment.

Left side of the turret.

As you can see, there isn't much left inside. What wasn't damaged by the explosion and fire was removed prior to the tank being put on display. 


  1. Replies
    1. It's a shame they didn't restore the inside. I know it's not easy, but this is not any old Pz.III sitting around in a garage. It's a motherfucking Maus.

    2. Thing is we probably don't know what the inside of a Maus looked like in the first place, so any restoration done has a very high chance of being bogus, like the stuff Arthur Evans did at Knossos.

  2. Wow!How much Maus the Germany was develop?

  3. Wow!How much Maus the Germany was develop?

    1. The Maus tank was developed fully, and two prototypes built: one with a real turret and one with a dummy turret.

    2. Numerous wanne and turmgehause were also found in various stages of completion on the Krupp Essen factory floor and outside of it. Enough to make another 6 or so vehicles if I remember right

    3. Or perhaps it was 6 total, including V1 and V2