Thursday 20 February 2014

T-29 Blueprint Delays

Spetsmashtrest chief comrade Army Commander Neim
Director of the S.M. Kirov Experimental Vehicle Factory comrade Barykov
Director of the Kirov Factory comrade Ter-Asaturov

After military trials of the experimental T-29 prototype in the end of 1935, the Experimental Kirov Factory began developing blueprints for production of the first batch of T-29s at the Kirov factory. In March of 1936, these blueprints were submitted for approval.
On April 11th, ABTU representative brigade-engineer comrade Sviridov, along with Kirov factory representative and KB chief comrade Ivanov, and deputy director of the Kirov factory comrade Ginsburg composed their conclusions on the blueprints, which included required changes, the need for which was identified in factory and military trials, but were not included in the blueprints by the factory (the trials were held in the third quarter of 1935). Additionally, new changes were identified. These conclusions were approved by factory director Ter-Asaturov and experimental factory director Barykov. Work on changes to the blueprints was split between the Kirov factory and the experimental factory, as agreed by the two directors. 

In May of 1936, RKKA Armament Chief, Army Commander 2nd grade comrade Khalepskiy urgently requested these blueprints to get them signed at ABTU.

Three months elapsed since April 11, 1936. Currently, neither the Kirov factory nor the experimental factory have provided ABTU with updated blueprints. I know that the Kirov factory is working on correcting T-29 blueprints, but the experimental factory does not do its duty, and works slowly, delaying the production of T-29 tanks at the Kirov factory. I ask that your factories:
  1. Provide ABTU with corrected T-29 blueprints for signing.
  2. Develop final requirements for production and acceptance of T-29 vehicles. 
Please give your factories the proper instructions.

ABTU chief, RKKA Division Commander Bokis

Comrade Koshkin! Please give an answer.

Ginsburg, July 28th, 1936

Answer: all work will be done by August 14th, 1936, of which ABTU has been informed.

Koshkin, August 10th, 1936"

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