Thursday 5 June 2014

IS-3 Starting Up

There are many tanks installed as monuments in the former USSR. Some of them aren't all that well disabled. This one can even start up!

By the sound of it, it's only spinning the starter (the engine needs more work), but the fact that anything still works is a miracle.


  1. wonder how easy it would be to fix it and then just drive off.

    1. Definitely doable, there have been instances of this being done in the past.

  2. Is this Russia's secret defensive plan in case of invasion? Jump into the nearest monument and drive it at the enemy?

  3. Well, until some serious support arrives, I believe this would still be a tough nut to crack !

  4. Clearly the main engine fired up. How could a starter engine throw so much smoke? The whining sound may be from accessory gearboxes (Dynamo) due to lack of lubrication. From there to a working tank is stilla long way, but respect to the durability of Soviet technology.