Saturday 28 June 2014

IS-7 Loader Instructions

I have come across some photos from the inside of Kubinka's IS-7, some of which show the plaques on the automatic loader well enough to read. They are instructions on how to operate it, unsurprisingly.

"[painted over]
  1. Before turning on, inspect the mechanism.
  2. Do not grab the conveyor chain when the mechanism is on.
  3. Do not bend into the loading area when the mechanism is on.
  4. Make sure the gun returns to the loading angle (0 degrees +/- 1 degree) and that that loading tray is up against the breech.
  5. If the automatic loader fails to load fully, switch to manual loading."

  1. Remove [illegible] from travel position and [illegible] grips [illegible]
  2. Turn on the electric power supply to the mechanism.
  3. Turn on manual controls and move the rammer chain to the initial position. Turn on automatic controls.
  4. Open the breech.
  5. Roll a shell on the conveyor.
  6. Stop the upper stopper of the conveyor tray and lower it to the loading line.
  7. Roll the propellant on the conveyor.
  8. Push the rammer button."

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