Friday 27 June 2014

Parade Tracks

Army parades are a pretty big deal. You have to make sure everything happens absolutely perfectly, and that takes a lot of preparation. Even something as mundane as a track link has to be looked over.

"For four high-speed BT-7 tanks participating in the May 1st parade, issue 8 small-link assembled tracks, tested at the factory. Send the tracks to military warehouse #404, making sure they arrive no later than April 1st, 1940."

"Act #010 on April 6th, 1940
Composed by representatives:
  • From the customer:
    • Military Engineer 3rd grade comrade G.A. Alekseev
  • From plant #540 QA:
    • comrade Povkhovtsev
  • From plant #540:
    • Senior Engineer V.N. Vasiliev
    • Senior Engineer I.F. Nastek
to signify that plant #540 produced and tested special 4 track sets. The conditions of testing were as follows:
  1. Driving on a stone road for 20 km at the average speed of 50-55 kph.
  2. After 20 km, 3 braking procedures were performed from ful speed at 3rd gear (1800 RPM) until full stop. The braking path was 15-18 meters long.
  3. Each track in total travelled on a road for 40 km, including 20 km in city driving conditions.
Afterwards, the tracks were disassembled, and after cleaning and washing, each track link was inspected with a 3x magnifying glass. Track links without cracks or other defects affecting robustness were deemed acceptable and marked with green or red paint. From those track links, 4 sets of tracks were assembled, including 8 flat tracks and 8 tracks with horns. The track pins were splinted anew. The tracks were accepted by QA and sealed. Each track has a mark /0/ on the end."

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