Monday 16 June 2014

Soviet Heavy Gearboxes

Here are two gearboxes designed for Soviet heavy tanks by Shashmurin: KV-220 and KV-3. According to his memoirs, he supported a planetary gearbox for all heavy tanks, but was overruled.

KV-220 gearbox.

KV-3 gearbox.

And here is a KV-1 gearbox blueprint, dated 1942.

KV-1 gearbox.

Shashmurin bemoans the KV-1's "tractor heritage", claiming that Dukhov based the gearbox off the "Holt" tractor. However, when comparing the gearbox to that of a Model 1917 5-ton artillery tractor designed by Holt, there appear to be few similarities.

The gearbox looks much closer to another tractor design, the "International McCormick Deering".

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