Wednesday 22 July 2015

Heat Ray Tank

"To the Chair of the State Committee of Defense of the USSR, comrade Stalin

For consideration by your ingenious mind, I provide an idea and a design that could give the Motherland a weapon of unseen all-conquering power. This force can defeat any number of tanks, planes, guns, ships, fortresses, cavalry, or infantry, and can be achieved from this proposed idea. This force can be localized in one all terrain armoured vehicle, and only needs a driver and an operator-gunner. Currently, there is nothing more important than this idea, as it holds the possibility of dominion of the Motherland over the world. Your genius and intuition will easily suggest to you that it is necessary to realize this idea quickly and secretly, on a trial basis.

I do not write much, and do not draw many blueprints, as the idea here is not in the amount of words or blueprints. You will understand me, and the rest will come when it is built, that's the most important thing.

I am hopeful that you will personally read this and order someone to build this under my guidance and test it.

The idea:

The idea consists of the following:

A temperature of over 20,000 degrees is created and transmitted to a distance from 0.001 km to 50 km, burning everything instantly in its path (bodies, cloth, fuel, metal, armour, concrete, stone, ammunition, ships, guns, etc).
  1. Imagine a welding torch, which usually gives a flame that is 700-1000 degrees at the tip. It is known that if air pressure is increased and the design is made more robust, the length of the flame can be made as long as that of a flamethrower.
  2. Imagine that instead of welding torches, there are special nozzles that shoot flame at long ranges.
  3. Imagine that we have 100 such nozzles and that they are fixed on a disk in such a way that they all converge on one point.
  4. In this place, the heat from one nozzle would be 700-1000 degrees, from two almost twice as much (1100-2000 degrees), from three almost 2.5 times as much, etc.
  5. The concentration of 100 flame jets in this point will be (like light collected with 100 lenses) much stronger than just one jet, minus losses for heat loss and dispersion.
  6. It is known that a heat ray can travel millions of kilometers, loses very little energy. It is known that the collection of heat from all the lenses will be nearly equal the sum of all heat from individual lenses. It is known that air will steal little heat, as the air high in the mountains is cold even though it is closer to the sun, since it is heated by the ground and not the sun.
  7. All this means that the point of convergence of all 100 jets will be at minimum 20,000 degrees, and maximum 100,000 degrees.
Where x = the temperature of one flame jet
100 = 100 nozzles
y = loss of heat (0%-80% of the heat)
z = 20,000 degrees to 100,000 degrees
Maximum range: 50 km
  1. There is no item in nature that does not burn at 20,000 degrees, but this heat can be held in a metal pipe that does not only not burn, but does not exceed 100 degrees. This method is based on the well known experiment where you can heat water at 1000 degrees in a container that is thin enough to burn from a candle, as long as there is water in it. 
  2. Based on that, I the pipe which concentrates the heat of the nozzles will be washed over with rapidly pumped cool water.
  3. The pipe will be covered with a rigid metallic hull which has rapidly moving water on the inside.
  4. The inside of the pipe is polished to a mirror sheen to deflect heat.
  5. The pipe tapers to direct the heat at tens of kilometers, at an angle from 1/1000 to 1/10000
    Pipe length: 1 meter
    Pipe diameter: 5-10 cm
November 13th, 1941
Battalion Commissar, M.V. Shekin"

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  1. Holy shit, maybe he was born 150 years too early

  2. What i find interesting is that an article like this usually has a review of the proposal from a soviet official but not this time.

    I wonder how this idea was recieved.

  3. I bet he got purged or at least send to the coral mines to wash his filthy mind.

    On a serious note, what happen to Shekin?

  4. Thermodynamics. They dont work this way.

    Lasers however do. Too bad he bet on the wrong horse.

  5. Was this for real? Has to be the most hilarious idea yet. To think that someone would refer to Stalin as "For consideration by your ingenious mind" or better yet "Your genius and intuition ". Just hilarious!

    1. Hey, the personality cult was very real. And brown-nosing isn't that arcane an art...

      That aside, this gem seems like something that'd be right at home in the "Death Rays" section of Tales of Future Past. :D