Friday 17 July 2015

Object 268 Loading Instructions

A while ago, I caught a glimpse of the autoloader operation instructions in the IS-7. Today, I came across a similar label inside the Object 268, a successor to the ISU-152 on the IS-8/T-10 chassis in this video.

"Instructions of operation of the loading mechanism.
  1. Turn on electrical power. The green light should turn on. Open the gun breech.
  2. Place the shell on the tray and mover out the frame, holding the shell in place.
  3. After the shell is secured, place the propellant in the tray and press the "ram" button. If the propellant is not rammed in all the way, open the manual control cover. The red light should turn on. Using the "back" button, return the chain and, having lowered the cover, repeat the ramming process."
The ram button is in the center of the control panel, with the indicator lights on the right. The manual control box is on the left.

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