Friday 10 July 2015

Heroic Churchill

"Award Order:
  1. Name: Tyrin, Georgiy Mikhailov
  2. Rank: Guards Starshina
  3. Position, unit: Mk-4 [Churchill] tank commander, 15th Independent Guards Breakthough Tank Regiment, 8th Guards Tank Corps.
    is nominated for the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.
  4. Year of birth: 1918
  5. Nationality: Russian
  6. Party affiliation: VKP(b) member since June 1942
  7. Participation in the Civil War and subsequent actions in defense of the USSR (where, when): war with Finland, South-Western Front from July 1941 to August 1941, South Front from August 1941 to October 1941, Western Front from October 1941 to November 1941, South Front from February 1941 to March 1942, North Caucasus Front from March 1942 to March 1943, Voronezh Front from August 1943 to present.
  8. Wounds and concussions in the Patriotic War: light wound in June 1941, heavy wound in October 1941, light wound in July 1941.
  9. In the Red Army since: November 1938.
  10. Recruited by: Duginsk recruitment office, Smolensk oblast
  11. Prior awards: Order of the Red Banner, Order of the Patriotic War 1st class
Brief and specific description of heroism or achievements: Comrade Tyrin has been in battle with Germano-fascist invaders on the Voronezh Front since September 8th, 1943, and displayed heroism in the Suma, Poltava, and Kiev oblasts. Comrade Tyrin's tank was the first to burst into regional center Lipovaya Dolina and hold the crossing of the Hohol river until the rest of the forces arrived.

Near the settlement of Petrivka, comrade Tyrin destroyed one T-6 Tiger tank with his gun, 3 trucks with various cargo, 3 machinegun nests with their crews, 1 transport with ammunition, 5 horse carts with military cargo, and up to 25 soldiers and officers of the enemy.

Comrade Tyrin was the first across the Dnieper, liberating the settlements of Greater Bukrin, Lesser Bukrin, and Hodorov in the Right-Shore Ukraine. First to enter these settlements, he destroyed two Panther tanks, 1 PzIV tank, 2 vehicles with enemy soldiers, and captured two soldiers.

He is dedicated to the cause of Lenin-Stalin and his Socialist Motherland. He is worthy of the title of Hero of the Soviet Union."

CAMD RF 33-793756-48

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  1. Alex The Talking African Gray Parrot11 July 2015 at 06:34

    Churchill tanks are inherently awesome, though.