Thursday 2 July 2015

Horsing Around

"Decree of the State Committee of Defence
On the introduction of horse drawn M-8 rocket launchers
  1. Accept the horse drawn convertible wheel/sled M-8 rocket launcher  into service. When producing new M-8 launchers, include all changes suggested by the Western Front.
  2. Cease production of M-8 launchers on the ZiS-6 truck chassis as of November 15th, 1941 in favour of horse-drawn launcher production.
  3. Have NII-45 (Kazan) organize assembly of horse-drawn M-8 launchers. Assembly of components should be organized in Kazan.
    The Chair of the Council of People's Commissars of the Tatar ASSR, comrade Gafiatulin, must organize the cooperation in production of components and ensure the production of 40 launchers in November of 1941, 100 launchers in December of 1941, and 120 launchers in January of 1942.
I. Stalin."

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