Thursday 17 September 2015

American Steel

"State Committee of Defense Decree #3056s
March 19th, 1943
Moscow, Kremlin

On the use of American armour plates in production of T-70, T-80, SU-12, and armoured trains
  1. Allow the NKTP (comrade Zaltsmann) to:
    1. Use 6, 10, and 15 mm armoured plates, equivalent in armoured resistance to domestic plates, for general purposes according to existing standards for armour in 1943.
    2. Allow 35 mm thick armour that spalls in an area less than 5 calibers in diameter to be used in manufacturing.
    3. 35 mm thick plate with carbon content of up to 0.26% can be used for T-70, T-80, and SU-12 hulls.
    4. 35 mm thick plate with carbon content of over 0.26% can be used as armour for trains and for T-70 and T-80 turrets welded in high tempering mode.
  2. The NKTP (comrade Zaltsmann) must establish a technological process for preparation and welding of components from American armoured plates that guarantees quality according to presently established standards.
Deputy Chair of the State Committee of Defense, V. Molotov"

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