Tuesday 15 September 2015

Planes vs Tanks

"On March 19th, 1943, 26 tanks from the 18th Guards Tank Brigade were knocked out by an enemy air raid, 19 of them T-34s. Near Stanova, 3rd Guards Tank Brigade lost the following from aircraft fire:
  1. T-34 commanded by Jr. Lieutenant Borisov. The vehicle was completely destroyed by a bomb that hit the engine deck.
  2. T-34 commanded by Guards Lieutenant Gorbatov, burned up from a shell that hit the engine.
  3. T-34 commanded by Guards Lieutenant Smirnov, burned up from a direct hit by a shell.
  4. T-34 commanded by Lieutenant Saakyan, hull armour was deformed by direct hit from a bomb, the vehicle is unusable.
  5. T-34 commanded by Lieutenant Froman, oil system punctured by cannon shell, engine destroyed. The vehicle is unusable.
  6. T-34 commanded by Lieutenant Zorkin, knocked out by a shell that hit the engine group.
  7. T-34 commanded by Lieutenant Gres, burned up from a cannon shell hit.
  8. T-34 commanded by Lieutenant Meschankin, burned up from a direct hit from a shell.
  9. T-34 commanded by commander Gladush, cannon damaged by shell."
Via biserg.

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