Wednesday 16 September 2015

Friendly Competition

"Order #0178
November 19th, 1941, 13:00 Map 50.000

In order to destroy enemy tanks, armoured cars and vehicles, as well as burning settlements occupied by the enemy, the commander orders:

Combine bottles filled with incendiary fluid and anti-tank grenades with all types of anti-tank defenses, for which:
  1. Check the presence of bottles and prepare them for battle.
  2. Pick out the best soldiers from tank destroyer units formed by order #013 (preferably volunteers), form them up into groups (5-7 per group) and after studying tank-accessible directions, position them in an echelon order declaring a competition for who can destroy the most tanks.
  3. Tank destroyer positions should be immune to grenades thrown from enemy tanks, but the tank destroyers can maneuver both along the front and in depth of the defenses.
  4. To avoid significant dispersion of the infantry units, it is acceptable to take sappers and soldiers from chemical defense units for these tasks.
  5. The regimental commander and commissar are responsible for the combat readiness of tank destroyer groups.
Report on the completion by November 23rd, 1941."

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