Wednesday 23 September 2015

IS Tanks

"To comrade Stalin I.V.
To comrade Molotov V.M.

During the course of the Patriotic War, the German Army acquired new anti-tank artillery that is capable of penetrating even T-34 and KV tanks at a distance of 1000 meters. The Kirov factory developed a design for a new tank with improved armour, capable of resisting German anti-tank artillery.

Due to its layout, the new tank is different from any tank currently used by the Red Army, with main armour groups that are 120-100-90 mm thick (KV only has armour 85-60 mm thick, T-34 has 60-45 mm), smaller weight than a KV tank, faster speed, and more powerful armament (a 122 mm gun is installed).

Having been to the Urals and personally examined all materials regarding the design of this new tank, I consider it necessary to immediately produce 2 experimental prototypes for state and military trials with the aim of starting mass production at the Kirov factory immediately after obtaining state approval.

Extensive preparatory work performed at the Kirov factory allows for these new tanks to be ready in two weeks.

I ask for your approval.

I. Zaltsmann. February 23rd, 1943"

RGASPI 644-2-138


  1. The birth certificate of a legend :)

  2. The birth certificate of a legend :)

  3. "The main armour groups are 120-100-90 mm thick, KV only has armour 85-60 mm thick, smaller weight than a KV tank."

    KV-1S has such armour thicknesses. But it weights 42,5 t. Other KV models have 75 mm thick frontal and side armour + some additional armour plates put on it. KV-1 model 1942 has 130 mm total armour thickness of the front plate and 90 mm lower plate. The turret has from 120 to 100 mm thickness. The weight is 47 t. If I wrote the bullshit, correct me then.