Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Engine Surplus

"To the Chair of the Committee of Defense of the SNK
Marshal of the Soviet Union, comrade K.E. Voroshilov

For the last three years, Factory #183 has been under-delivering friction clutches for M-17 and M-5 engines, 1086 in total. Of those: 327 in 1938, 267 in 1939, and 492 in 1940. 

Due to the shortage and the additional transfer of 1000 M-17 engines from the Air Force to GABTU, GABTU now has 2500 engines (2000 M-17 and 500 M-5) without friction clutches that cannot be used to repair the BT park or fill up spares stores. 

Factory #183 is the only producer of these friction clutches, and the plan for 1941 is to produce 200 friction clutches for GABTU for the M-5 engine and 270 for the M-17 engine, which satisfies the demand by only 20%.

I ask that you instruct the People's Commissariat of Medium Machinebuilding to include production of 2500 fiction clutches in the quota of factory #183 for 1941. 

Marshal of the Soviet Union
G. Kulik."


  1. Soviet central planing economy at its finest.

    1. Yes, and it's in the form of a letter with probably 4 stamps from different departments.

    2. As the joke goes, "the left hand glove manufacturing plant challenged the right hand glove manufacturing plant to a competition".