Thursday 31 December 2015

T-34-85 Stabilizer

"State Committee of Defense Decree #5595s
April 11th, 1944
Moscow, Kremlin

Introduce a partial change to GOKO directive #3826s issued on July 27th, 1943:
  1. The NKSP (comrade Nosenko) and the NKSB design bureau (comrade Rozanov) must produce a stabilizer for the S-53 85 mm gun in the T-34-85 tank with a widened turret ring by May 1st, 1944, instead of the D-5 gun in the IS tank.
  2. Commander of the Armoured Forces comrade Fedorenko must provide one T-34-85 tank to the NKSP design bureau for the installation of an experimental stabilizer by April 15th.
  3. NKV (comrade Ustinov) and NKTP (comrade Malyshev) must provide one set of blueprints of the 85 mm S-53 gun and T-34-85 tank with a widened turret ring to the NKSP design bureau by April 15th.
Deputy Chair of the State Committee of Defense
V. Molotov."

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  1. I never knew any of the T-34s had any form of stabilizer. I only found this because I was watching a Russian film called 'The Tank' - in which a crew is hand-picked, provided with a prototype T-34 and tasked with taking out the 'White Tiger' - and decided on a lark to Google "T-34-85 stabilizer".