Tuesday 15 December 2015

Gently Used

"Factory #75
To: GABTU Chief, Lieutenant-General of the Tank Forces, comrade Fedorenko
CC: Deputy People's Commissar of Medium Machinebuilding, comrade Goreglyad
June 18th, 1941

In order to gather experience of use of diesel motors, which is necessary to perform further work on improving the quality of produced engines and increase of their warranty period, the factory needs to 
systematically observe the use of diesel engines as they are used.

We have materials on the use of engines in A-7M vehicles from factory inspector reports, but there is extremely little information on long term use of A-34 and KV engines, as these vehicles typically worked very few engine-hours.

The Kharkov armour academy has A-34 and KV tanks in its possession, which are used to teach students at the academy. We consider it necessary to organize systematic observation of the materiel (engines and their components). 

In order to acquire 150-200 engine-hours as rapidly as possible, I ask that the Kharkov armour school not be limited in terms of engine-hours with the aim of achieving at least 200 hours per engine over June-August.

Factory #75 accepts the responsibility of repairing 5 A-34 engines and 4 KV engines and restoration after exhaustion of their resource. 

Inform me of your decision.

Factory #75 director, Kochetkov."

CAMD RF 38-11355-138 p.150

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