Tuesday 1 March 2016

2nd Tank Army Markings

The following markings were ordered for elements of the 2nd Tank Army, in effect on October 1st, 1943.

Markings for army command units, 3rd Tank Corps, 16th Tank Corps, and 11th Guards Independent Tank Brigade

Markings for the 3rd Tank Corps: on the side of a tank turret (50th Tank Brigade, 13th tank), side of a wheeled vehicle (50th Tank Brigade) and front of a wheeled vehicle.

The markings were to be applied to all vehicles of the army, in white paint during the summer and yellow paint during the winter. There were two sizes of markings, a large one for tanks and sides of wheeled vehicles, and a small one to be painted on right side of the windshield.

Size of a large marking:
  • Circle diameters: 90 mm
  • Width of the line: 30 mm
  • Length of the line: 50 mm
  • Height of the numbers: 100 mm
Size of a small marking:
  • Circle diameters: 30 mm
  • Width of the line: 15 mm
  • Length of the line: 150 mm
  • Height of the numbers: 30 mm
Each tank unit was assigned a range of numbers to be used for their tanks. Each unit also got one number to use for their wheeled vehicles.

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