Tuesday 15 March 2016

Bombs vs Tanks

Building the biggest and heaviest tank might seem like a good idea when that tank is going to engage in honourable 1:1 duels with the enemy, but the thing about enemies is that they are often not that kind. For example, the KV-1 was a nearly invincible beast in 1941... at least until it was spotted from the air.

"15.09.41 KV tank (hull #5094 engine #1445-09) commander Jr. Lieutenant A.G. Plisko
The KV tank came under attack from enemy bombers near Glinka village, as a result of which the following damage was sustained:
  1. Upper front plate bent, radio operator's machinegun ball torn out.
  2. The gun barrel was cut off.
  3. The gun breech slid into the tank and hit the bottom.
  4. The left idler was torn off.
  5. Two return rollers were torn off.
  6. The left track was destroyed entirely.
After the tank was towed away, a second bombing run dealt the following damage: destruction of the turret roof.

The tank was not evacuated from Slutsk. The tank is unsuitable for combat and cannot be repaired."

It's worth noting that while the tank was completely destroyed, at least two of the crew survived. Jr. Lieutenant Plisko reached the rank of Captain and died in 1944, as did the driver, Guards Starshina Zhuk.

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