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"Order of the Commissar of Defense of the USSR #002
January 3rd, 1943

Content: On the reduction and replacement of military personnel with older personnel and women in Red Army mechanized and armoured units.

In accordance with decree #2460ss issued on December 20th, 1942, I order that:
  1. Tank brigades organized by TO&E ## 010/345, 010/394, 010/347-010/352 numbering 1188 personnel and 65 tanks are to be converted to TO&E #010/270-010/277, numbering 1064 personnel and 53 tanks.
  2. Motorized infantry-machinegun battalions organized by TO&E ## 010/75-010/77, 010/87, 010/79-010/82 are to be converted to TO&E #010/273. Introduce one AT gun battery into each brigade numbering 52 personnel according to TO&E #010/274.
  3. On January 15th, 1943, the 7th Training Tank Regiment (Transbaikal Front) and 1st Training Tank Regiment (Far East Front) are to be converted to TO&E #010/294 with the authorized strength of: 342 permanent service personnel, 1500 rotating service personnel and 59 civilian personnel and will be renamed "7th and 1st Independent Training Tank Regiment".
  4. On January 15th, 1943, the 4th, 26th, and 31st medium tank training regiments will be converted to TO&E #010/401 with the authorized strength of: 630 permanent service personnel, 3349 rotating service personnel and 68 civilian personnel and renamed "4th, 26th, and 31st T-34 Training Tank Regiment".
  5. Armoured Forces warehouses in Lenigrad Front(no number) and warehouses #1800 and #1801 (Transcaucasian Front) organized by deprecated TO&E #032/108 and warehouse #940 (Voronezh Front), organized by deprecated TO&E #026/800 are to be converted to TO&E #032/315 with the authorized strength of: 36 service personnel and 4 civilian personnel.
  6. Due to the conversion of independent armoured training regiments into training brigades, cancel NKO order #0365 issued on May 8th, 1942, regarding keeping reserves of commanders in training regiments.
  7. Reduce the authorized strength of armoured units in the Red Army and replace military personnel with older personnel and women according to attachment #1.
  8. Complete the aforementioned replacements by January 15th, 1943.
  9. The freed up personnel will be sent to form tank and mechanized units according to orders from the Commander of the Red Army Tank and Mechanized Forces.
    If there is an insufficient number of freed up personnel, authorize the service of personnel fit for service but trained for other roles, supplementing them with older personnel and personnel deemed conditionally fit for service.
  10. Report every three days to the Commander of the Red Army Tank and Mechanized Forces on the amount of freed up personnel starting on January 10th, 1943.
Deputy People's Commissar of Defense, Colonel-General E. Shadenko."

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