Wednesday 9 March 2016

Radio Network of the 31st Independent Guards Breakthrough Tank Regiment

Radio communication is an important part of combined arms warfare. Despite popular belief, the Red Army paid extensive attention to this issue, as shown by radio networks such as this one.

At the very top, you have the aircraft communications center, with the appropriate callsign Sky. On the left, the officers' radio net (Method from 30th Guards Tank Brigade, Turret from 13th Air Army, Lamp, the chief of the Motorized and Armoured forces, Concrete from 220nd Tank Brigade, and Bomb from 46th Guards Tank Regiment). On the right, "tank unit #10" radio net, listing all the tank units so far plus 30th Guards Infantry Corps, 46th Breakthrough Tank Regiment, 205th Tank Regiment, and 98th Tank Regiment.

Then, on the bottom, the vehicles of the regiment's contacts. At the top is Granite, the Chief of Staff of the Regiment, followed by Form from the 30th Tank Brigade, Page, the commander of the armoured forces in the 67th Army, Chord from the 30th Guards Infantry Corps, Form (again), the Chief of the Special Department of the 30th Brigade, and then Token, the commander of the armoured forces of the Leningrad Front. The circles in the next row are Bang, the commander of the 133rd Air Regiment, Laquer, the commander of the 63rd Guards Infantry Division, Quill, also from the same division, and Bug, the commander of the 190th Infantry Regiment.

Finally, we get to the regiment proper. At the top is the commander, Cheek, followed by commanders of the companies: Phrase, Dagger, Nettle, and Caviar. Then we get platoon commanders, Jubilee, Swamp, Soda, and Lafette, followed by regular tanks of their platoons, Cherry, Pop, Ducat, and Cliff. Then, another set of platoons, commanders Wing, Canvas, Medal, and Yacht with their subordinates Catfish, Rose, Level, and Drum. As you can see, all tanks in the regiment are equipped with radios.

The text on the right side explains how to read the diagram. Token and Page are allowed to communicate on any network. If contacted by them, one must answer immediately. The callsigns of the company commanders are repeated, just in case.

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