Wednesday 8 June 2016

ChTZ KV Startup

"List of questions connected with the new vehicle
  1. Organizational questions:
    1. Keeping independent paperwork, caused by:
      1. Changes to blueprints caused by varying manufacturing processes.
      2. Need to issue blueprints to plants and regularly replace worn ones.
    2. The right to make changes to blueprints at ChTZ that do not impact the interchangeability of parts (after approval from the military representative).
    3. Full and timely exchange of technical materials between ChTZ and Kirov factory (full time representatives, proper communication and answers).
  2. Unclear design elements:
    1. What gun will be installed in 1941, and what parts does it use?
    2. The L-11 gun was installed in 1940, but the Kirov factory has not sent out any samples (the military representative informed us on October 3rd, 1940, that according to comrade Vorobeichik from NKSM, 3 units are on the way) and its parts are unknown to ChTZ.
    3. ChTZ does not have blueprints approved by GABTU for 1940 or 1941.
  3. Help needed with:
    1. A production manager for assembly of components (Mirkin is not enough).
    2. Replacement tables for hardened steels.
  4. When discussing design changes, deadlines are necessary for both Kirov factory and ChTZ.
  5. GABTU (or the Kirov factory military representative) does not inform ChTZ of necessary changes. There are no staff in military acceptance to handle KV production, immediate help is needed (3 engineers and 2 technicians).
Chief of the 3rd Department of GABTU, Military Engineer 1st Grade, Rokhmachev."

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