Wednesday 22 June 2016

Mighty AA Cupola

The MG 151/20 in a Maus MG cupola might seem mighty, but the Soviets can do one better.

"Due to the absence of a DShK cupola on the main turret, a turret from a BA-10 was installed with a 45 mm gun and three-line DT machinegun."

While the text conjures up hilarious Mauschen-esque images, the reality was a bit more boring: the turret was installed on a project 1124 armoured boat.

Via niemirow-41.


  1. ...didn't some of the KV-4 proposals actually have something like this on top? (Then again most of those are sheer wtflol anyway.)

    1. Yes, but it was much smaller than a full sized 45 mm gun turret.

    2. ...looking just at the designs from your May '13 article ( I'm counting one effectively full tank turret with, I assume since it was part of the requirements, 45 mm gun in the place of a cupola, another with a full-on hemispherical AA cupola and presumably some kinda largish autocannon(?), and Shashmurin's arguably tops them all by essentially straight up having a KV-1 turret in the "armed cupola" role...