Tuesday 14 June 2016


"9th Tank Division
HQ, October 12th, 1941

Divisional order #245(E)

2. Knocked-out tanks

One occurrence gives a basis to state the following: on September 17th, 1941, a tank was knocked out at Gorodishe. The men not only did not preserve the personal property of the dead and wounded in the tank, but rifled through everything on the tank including folders and files, their contents haphazardly strewn about, and took many necessary things.

This event demonstrates not only a lack of brotherhood but also a lack of discipline demonstrated in theft that does not serve to improve the relationship between brothers in arms.

I demand that all unit commanders instruct their units that nothing must be taken without orders from abandoned, knocked out, or broken down tanks or cars. If these tanks are within the area of responsibility of a unit, it is their job to guard them.

Signed, Doctor Gubiki
1st Battalion, 10th Motorized Infantry
Battalion command post, October 30th, 1941

FYI. Report on the execution of this order by 18:00 on October 30th, 1941.

Translated by Technician-Intendant 1st Grade, Goryemykina."

CAMD RF 202-50-42

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